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Version: 13.x (Current)


The ck-notification-card web component is used to import open the bulk ck-reset-password-modal after the selection of many users from the table.



In order to use the ck-reset-password-button in a Microfrontend Composer, the only is needed is to insert its corresponding tag in your configuration. An example configuration follows:

"type": "element",
"url": "/mia-care-web-components/mia-care-web-components.esm.js",
"tag": "ck-reset-password-button"

The button would not show until at least one record is selected from the table for the operation. When the button is then clicked, the corresponding event to open ck-reset-password-modal, and the modal would show the progression of the operation.

Properties & Attributes


Listens to

eventactionemitson error
select-data-bulkThe event will be emitted at the selection of a table's row, showing the button and filling its sate


reset-password-modalThe event will be emitted at the click of the button, showing the modal by passing it references to selected records