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Version: 13.x (Current)

Mia-Platform Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Mia-Platform Service Level Agreement (SLA) describes the service availability commitment for the Mia-Platform PaaS Hosting Services under the Terms of Service or Subscription Agreement between Mia-Platform (“Provider”) and its Customer. Mia-Platform will use any commercially reasonable efforts to make the Mia-Platform PaaS Hosting Services available with at least the relative Monthly Service Availability (Uptime).


The real-time status and the Monthly Service Time of Mia-Platform products are always visible at the Console status page

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies only to the Mia-Platform services listed below and does not apply to any other product offered by Mia-Platform.

  • Mia-Platform Console
  • Gitlab
  • Gitlab CI
  • Nexus
  • Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Ingress Controller
  • MongoDB
  • Kafka
  • Monitoring stack
  • Logging stack


  • Service refers to the PaaS hosting service regulated by the relative Agreement between Customer and Supplier, which includes the provision of the Infrastructure and its monitoring, maintenance and assistance;

  • Monthly Service Time is the monthly time in which the Service is required to be available. It is calculated monthly as defined in the Subscription Form or in the absence of a definition by multiplying the days of the month by the 24 hours of the day;

  • Monthly Service Unavailability (Downtime): the Service is unavailable when all users are unable to access (using more than one network connection) the Product and/or a functionality of the Product and/or Add-on Components, due to infrastructural problems. Excluded from these problems are those of an application nature, including but not limited to: bugs in the code of the Product or Add-on Components;

  • Monthly Service Availability (Uptime) is the availability of the Service. It is calculated monthly by subtracting from the Monthly Service Time the sum of all the minutes of unavailability of the Service in the month.

  • Scheduled Maintenance is the Downtime Period related to network, hardware, or software maintenance or upgrades. With respect to the list of Services detailed in the table, we will perform scheduled maintenance at our discretion or during a user-configurable maintenance window.

SLA Exclusions

The SLA does not apply to any unavailability of the Mia-Platform PaaS Hosting Services:

  1. That results from a suspension of the Mia-Platform PaaS Hosting Services license due to unauthorized or irregular use.

  2. That results from a suspension of the Mia-Platform PaaS Hosting Services license due to payments delay.

  3. Due to suspensions, interruptions, delays, problems caused by force majeure problems, and so by events not attributable, neither indirectly, to Mia-Platform (for example: bugs, anomalies, interruption or delay in telecommunications, acts of any a governmental body, war)

  4. That results from Scheduled Maintenance of one of the Mia-Platform Service

  5. That results from unauthorized access or from alteration of Customer's transmissions and/or data, including, any damage, including economic damage, by the Customer himself, possibly due to loss of profit, use, loss of data or other tangible elements or intangible;

  6. Due to any violation of the copyrights of others for improper use of the Service and the Product loaded therein.

Incident Report

As part of the Infrastructure Assistance Service, the Client has the right to open an Incident Ticket if he finds a problem of Availability or degradation of the service. Incident Ticket can be raised at the Mia-Platform Help Center.