Version: 6.x (Current)

The Marketplace

Why always start from scratch

The Mia-Platform Marketplace contains several code resources to develop your microservices with Mia-Platform.

You can access the Mia-Platform Marketplace from the Design area of DevOps Console, when you are creating a new microservice.

You will see a set of examples and templates, powered and supported by Mia-Platform, you can choose from to easily set-up a microservice with predefined and tested functionality.

You can go deeper into the code of templates and examples visiting the Mia-Platform Marketplace Github page.

You can start from a:

  • Plugin: a ready-to-use Microservice.
    Check out the Microservice section for further information.

  • Template: a base repository from which you can start to create a new Microservice.
    Check out the Template section for further information.

  • Example: a specific use-case, a ready-to-use model to create your microservice.
    Check out the Example section for further information.

You can search for Microservices, filtering by Plugins, Templates and/or Examples.

Otherwise, you can search for them by category.

The results of your search will appear organized by category.



The last card in the Mia-Platform Marketplace allows you to create a microservice from Docker Image: you can import a microservice on DevOps Console.