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Version: 9.x (Current)


An Application represents a useful way to instantiate and configure in an unified experience a bundle of resources including Plugins, Examples and Templates.

You can easily find the available applications in the Marketplace by filtering by the Application type.

In a few clicks, an Application can offer a working system of resources.

Application Creation

As shown, a wizard indicating all the configuration steps leads the user to rapidly move through the various creation forms of each resource until reaching a unified and user-friendly instantiation experience.

During each creation step in the wizard, if a specific resource that is required by the application may duplicate a pre-existing microservice that has already been created into the project, it is possible to link the already existing service to the application instead of being forced to configure a new one.

Once the application is created you'll be redirected to the application detail page, wherein it is possible to:

  • click on the Go to microservice link to enter the detail page of a single resource

  • click on the View Repository link to open the resource git repository

  • add a microservice in case of incompleteness of an application due to possible errors occurred during the creation phase relatively to one or more resources, as shown here below


It is possible to delete an application without losing the instantiated resources, that will remain into the Microservices sidebar