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Version: 12.x (Current)

API Gateway

The API Gateway is the microservice responsible for:

  • routing requests to the correct service inside Kubernetes;
  • verify the need of authentication and orchestrate the conversation with Auth service.

Its main features are:

  • URL Mapping
  • Rate Limit with Burst
  • Http Secure Headers
  • Request Dispaching
  • API Key Management
  • Http Utilities
  • Proxy-Pass Plain
  • URL Rewriting
  • Microcache

The API Gateway works with an additional service, called Dnsmasq, which functionality is to resolve service names with its correct IP within our Kubernetes. The Dnsmasq service will be added automatically as an additional container to the deployment and it does not need any configurations in order to work.


The service exposes two different ports for allowing differentiation between application and backoffice routing. The application one will be exposed on port 8080, and the backoffice on port 8081: then through the DNS it will allow to have different urls for the two servers.

API Gateway

Edge Router

Edge Router is part of the API Gateway module and protects the API Gateway guaranting:

  • SSL termination;
  • route dispatching.

Certificate Management

The Edge Router manages the termination of the SSL certificates with auto-renew on Let's Encrypt.


Let's check the configuration directories and the advanced configuration to more details.