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Version: 13.x (Current)

Teleconsultation Service Frontend

The teleconsultation service relies on the SaaS Bandyer Service to create a video call between two or more people, providing also a variety of tools, like chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, file upload, etcetera.

The Teleconsultation Service Frontend handles and visualizes the teleconsultation UI and all its relative tools for the call using iframe.

It has one Back End, the Teleconsultation Service Backend, which allows you to handle all the necessary operations (create, update, delete), on the teleconsultations. The Back End uses the RESTful APIs provided by Kaleyra.

Teleconsultation Service Frontend Routes

The frontend service exposes the following routes:

  • GET /teleconsultation/:teleconsultationId: it allows the start of a teleconsultation;