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Version: 9.x (Current)

Open Source Software in Console

It follows the copyright notice of the modules and libraries used in Mia-Platform.

Mia-Platform includes components subject to the terms and conditions of β€œopen source” software licenses. To the extent applicable, we will identify open source software included in Mia-Platform. Some of these licenses require us to provide the open source software to you on the terms of the open source license instead of the terms of the Agreement. In that case, the terms of the open source license will apply, and you will have the rights granted in such licenses to the open source software itself, such as access to source code, right to make modifications, and right to reverse engineer. If you are using Mia-Platform in the form provided to you, in accordance with your permitted scope of use, with no distribution of software to third parties, then none of these open source licenses impose any obligations on you beyond what is stated in the Agreement.

List of 3rd party Open Source Components and Libraries Used

Library/ModuleLicensesMore info
Swagger IOApache-2.0
vtypes/events v1.2.0MIT
vtypes/node v10.12.2MIT
vtypes/pino v4.16.1MIT
JSONStream v1.3.5MIT OR Apache-2.0
abbrev v1.1.1ISC
abstract-logging v1.0.0MIT
ajv v6.5.4MIT
ansi-align v2.0.0ISC
ansi-regex v2.1.1MIT
ansi-regex v3.0.0MIT
ansi-styles v3.2.1MIT
anymatch v2.0.0ISC
aproba v1.2.0ISC
are-we-there-yet v1.1.4ISC
argparse v1.0.10MIT
arr-diff v4.0.0MIT
arr-flatten v1.1.0MIT
arr-union v3.1.0MIT
array-unique v0.3.2MIT
assign-symbols v1.0.0MIT
async-each v1.0.1MIT
atob v2.1.2MIT OR Apache-2.0
avvio v5.9.0MIT
balanced-match v1.0.0MIT
base v0.11.2MIT
binary-extensions v1.12.0MIT
boxen v1.3.0MIT
brace-expansion v1.1.11MIT
braces v2.3.2MIT
bson v1.1.0Apache-2.0
cache-base v1.0.1MIT
callback-stream v1.1.0MIT
camelcase v4.1.0MIT
capture-stack-trace v1.0.1MIT
chalk v2.4.1MIT
chokidar v2.0.4MIT
chownr v1.0.1ISC
ci-info v1.6.0MIT
class-utils v0.3.6MIT
cli-boxes v1.0.0MIT
code-point-at v1.1.0MIT
collection-visit v1.0.0MIT
color-convert v1.9.3MIT
color-name v1.1.3MIT
commist v1.0.0MIT
component-emitter v1.2.1MIT
concat-map v0.0.1MIT
configstore v3.1.2BSD-2-Clause
console-control-strings v1.1.0ISC
copy-descriptor v0.1.1MIT
core-util-is v1.0.2MIT
create-error-class v3.0.2MIT
cross-spawn v5.1.0MIT
crypto-random-string v1.0.0MIT
cruise-control v2.5.34BSD-2-Clause
cruise-control-ui v0.3.4BSD-2-Clause
debug v2.6.9MIT
debug v3.2.6MIT
decode-uri-component v0.2.0MIT
deep-extend v0.5.1MIT
deep-extend v0.6.0MIT
deepmerge v2.2.1MIT
define-property v0.2.5MIT
define-property v1.0.0MIT
define-property v2.0.2MIT
delegates v1.0.0MIT
depd v1.1.2MIT
destroy v1.0.4MIT
detect-libc v1.0.3Apache-2.0
dot-prop v4.2.0MIT
dotenv v6.0.0BSD-2-Clause
dotenv v6.1.0BSD-2-Clause
duplexer3 v0.1.4BSD-3-Clause
duplexify v3.6.1MIT
ee-first v1.1.1MIT
encodeurl v1.0.2MIT
end-of-stream v1.4.1MIT
escape-html v1.0.3MIT
escape-string-regexp v1.0.5MIT
esprima v4.0.1BSD-2-Clause
etag v1.8.1MIT
execa v0.7.0MIT
expand-brackets v2.1.4MIT
extend-shallow v2.0.1MIT
extend-shallow v3.0.2MIT
extend v3.0.2MIT
extglob v2.0.4MIT
fast-decode-uri-component v1.0.0MIT
fast-deep-equal v2.0.1MIT
fast-json-parse v1.0.3MIT
fast-json-stable-stringify v2.0.0MIT
fast-json-stringify v1.9.1MIT
fast-safe-stringify v1.2.3MIT
fastify-cli v0.22.1MIT
fastify-env v0.6.1MIT
fastify-mongodb v0.9.1MIT
fastify-plugin v1.2.1MIT
fastify-static v0.14.0MIT
fastify-swagger v0.15.1MIT
fastify v1.13.0MIT
fastq v1.6.0ISC
fill-range v4.0.0MIT
find-my-way v1.15.4MIT
flatstr v1.0.8MIT
for-in v1.0.2MIT
forwarded v0.1.2MIT
fragment-cache v0.2.1MIT
fresh v0.5.2MIT
fs-minipass v1.2.5ISC
fs.realpath v1.0.0ISC
fsevents v1.2.4MIT
gauge v2.7.4ISC
generify v3.0.2MIT
get-stream v3.0.0MIT
get-value v2.0.6MIT
glob-parent v3.1.0ISC
glob-stream v6.1.0MIT
glob v7.1.2ISC
glob v7.1.3ISC
global-dirs v0.1.1MIT
got v6.7.1MIT
graceful-fs v4.1.14ISC
has-flag v3.0.0MIT
has-unicode v2.0.1ISC
has-value v0.3.1MIT
has-value v1.0.0MIT
has-values v0.1.4MIT
has-values v1.0.0MIT
help-me v1.1.0MIT
http-errors v1.6.3MIT
http-errors v1.7.1MIT
iconv-lite v0.4.21MIT
ignore-walk v3.0.1ISC
import-lazy v2.1.0MIT
imurmurhash v0.1.4MIT
inflight v1.0.6ISC
inherits v2.0.3ISC
ini v1.3.5ISC
ipaddr.js v1.8.0MIT
is-absolute v1.0.0MIT
is-accessor-descriptor v0.1.6MIT
is-accessor-descriptor v1.0.0MIT
is-binary-path v1.0.1MIT
is-buffer v1.1.6MIT
is-ci v1.2.1MIT
is-data-descriptor v0.1.4MIT
is-data-descriptor v1.0.0MIT
is-descriptor v0.1.6MIT
is-descriptor v1.0.2MIT
is-docker v1.1.0MIT
is-extendable v0.1.1MIT
is-extendable v1.0.1MIT
is-extglob v2.1.1MIT
is-finite v1.0.2MIT
is-fullwidth-code-point v1.0.0MIT
is-fullwidth-code-point v2.0.0MIT
is-glob v3.1.0MIT
is-glob v4.0.0MIT
is-installed-globally v0.1.0MIT
is-negated-glob v1.0.0MIT
is-npm v1.0.0MIT
is-number v3.0.0MIT
is-obj v1.0.1MIT
is-path-inside v1.0.1MIT
is-plain-object v2.0.4MIT
is-redirect v1.0.0MIT
is-relative v1.0.0MIT
is-retry-allowed v1.1.0MIT
is-stream v1.1.0MIT
is-unc-path v1.0.0MIT
is-windows v1.0.2MIT
isarray v1.0.0MIT
isexe v2.0.0ISC
isobject v2.1.0MIT
isobject v3.0.1MIT
js-yaml v3.12.0MIT
json-schema-traverse v0.4.1MIT
json-stable-stringify v1.0.1MIT
jsonify v0.0.0Public Domain
jsonparse v1.3.1MIT
kind-of v3.2.2MIT
kind-of v4.0.0MIT
kind-of v5.1.0MIT
kind-of v6.0.2MIT
latest-version v3.1.0MIT
leven v1.0.2MIT
light-my-request v3.1.0BSD-3-Clause
lodash.debounce v4.0.8MIT
lowercase-keys v1.0.1MIT
lru-cache v4.1.3ISC
make-dir v1.3.0MIT
make-promises-safe v1.1.0MIT
makeerror v1.0.11BSD-3-Clause
map-cache v0.2.2MIT
map-visit v1.0.0MIT
memory-pager v1.1.0MIT
micromatch v3.1.10MIT
middie v3.2.0MIT
mime v1.4.1MIT
minimatch v3.0.4ISC
minimist v0.0.8MIT
minimist v1.2.0MIT
minipass v2.2.4ISC
minizlib v1.1.0MIT
mixin-deep v1.3.1MIT
mkdirp v0.5.1MIT
mongodb-core v3.1.7Apache-2.0
mongodb v3.1.8Apache-2.0
ms v2.0.0MIT
ms v2.1.1MIT
nan v2.11.1MIT
nanomatch v1.2.13MIT
needle v2.2.0MIT
node-pre-gyp v0.10.0BSD-3-Clause
nopt v4.0.1ISC
normalize-path v2.1.1MIT
npm-bundled v1.0.3ISC
npm-packlist v1.1.10ISC
npm-run-path v2.0.2MIT
npmlog v4.1.2ISC
number-is-nan v1.0.1MIT
object-assign v4.1.1MIT
object-copy v0.1.0MIT
object-visit v1.0.1MIT
object.pick v1.3.0MIT
on-finished v2.3.0MIT
once v1.4.0ISC
ordered-read-streams v1.0.1MIT
os-homedir v1.0.2MIT
os-tmpdir v1.0.2MIT
osenv v0.1.5ISC
p-finally v1.0.0MIT
package-json v4.0.1MIT
pad-left v2.1.0MIT
pad-right v0.2.2MIT
parse-ms v1.0.1MIT
pascalcase v0.1.1MIT
path-dirname v1.0.2MIT
path-is-absolute v1.0.1MIT
path-is-inside v1.0.2WTFPL OR MIT
path-key v2.0.1MIT
path-to-regexp v2.4.0MIT
pify v3.0.0MIT
pino-colada v1.4.4MIT
pino-std-serializers v2.3.0MIT
pino v4.17.6MIT
plur v1.0.0MIT
posix-character-classes v0.1.1MIT
prepend-http v1.0.4MIT
prettier-bytes v1.0.4ISC
pretty-ms v2.1.0MIT
process-nextick-args v2.0.0MIT
proxy-addr v2.0.4MIT
pseudomap v1.0.2ISC
pump v2.0.1MIT
pump v3.0.0MIT
pumpify v1.5.1MIT
punycode v2.1.1MIT
quick-format-unescaped v1.1.2MIT
range-parser v1.2.0MIT
rc v1.2.7BSD-2-Clause OR MIT OR Apache-2.0
rc v1.2.8BSD-2-Clause OR MIT OR Apache-2.0
readable-stream v2.3.6MIT
readable-stream v3.0.6MIT
readdirp v2.2.1MIT
regex-not v1.0.2MIT
registry-auth-token v3.3.2MIT
registry-url v3.1.0MIT
remove-trailing-separator v1.1.0ISC
repeat-element v1.1.3MIT
repeat-string v1.6.1MIT
require_optional v1.0.1Apache-2.0
resolve-from v2.0.0MIT
resolve-from v4.0.0MIT
resolve-url v0.2.1MIT
ret v0.1.15MIT
reusify v1.0.4MIT
rimraf v2.6.2ISC
safe-buffer v5.1.1MIT
safe-buffer v5.1.2MIT
safe-regex v1.1.0MIT
safer-buffer v2.1.2MIT
saslprep v1.0.2MIT
sax v1.2.4ISC
semver-diff v2.1.0MIT
semver-store v0.3.0MIT
semver v5.5.0ISC
semver v5.6.0ISC
send v0.16.2MIT
set-blocking v2.0.0ISC
set-value v0.4.3MIT
set-value v2.0.0MIT
setprototypeof v1.1.0ISC
shebang-command v1.2.0MIT
shebang-regex v1.0.0MIT
signal-exit v3.0.2ISC
snapdragon-node v2.1.1MIT
snapdragon-util v3.0.1MIT
snapdragon v0.8.2MIT
source-map-resolve v0.5.2MIT
source-map-url v0.4.0MIT
source-map v0.5.7BSD-3-Clause
sparse-bitfield v3.0.3MIT
split-string v3.1.0MIT
split2 v2.2.0ISC
sprintf-js v1.0.3BSD-3-Clause
static-extend v0.1.2MIT
statuses v1.4.0MIT
statuses v1.5.0MIT
stream-shift v1.0.0MIT
string-width v1.0.2MIT
string-width v2.1.1MIT
string_decoder v1.1.1MIT
strip-ansi v3.0.1MIT
strip-ansi v4.0.0MIT
strip-eof v1.0.0MIT
strip-json-comments v2.0.1MIT
supports-color v5.5.0MIT
tar v4.4.1ISC
term-size v1.2.0MIT
through2-filter v2.0.0MIT
through2 v2.0.3MIT
through v2.3.8MIT
timed-out v4.0.1MIT
tiny-lru v1.6.1BSD-3-Clause
tmpl v1.0.4BSD-3-Clause
to-absolute-glob v2.0.2MIT
to-object-path v0.3.0MIT
to-regex-range v2.1.1MIT
to-regex v3.0.2MIT
toidentifier v1.0.0MIT
unc-path-regex v0.1.2MIT
union-value v1.0.0MIT
unique-stream v2.2.1MIT
unique-string v1.0.0MIT
unset-value v1.0.0MIT
unzip-response v2.0.1MIT
upath v1.1.0MIT
update-notifier v2.5.0BSD-2-Clause
uri-js v4.2.2BSD-2-Clause
urix v0.1.0MIT
url-parse-lax v1.0.0MIT
use v3.1.1MIT
util-deprecate v1.0.2MIT
walker v1.0.7Apache-2.0
which v1.3.1ISC
wide-align v1.1.2ISC
widest-line v2.0.1MIT
wrappy v1.0.2ISC
write-file-atomic v2.3.0ISC
xdg-basedir v3.0.0MIT
xtend v4.0.1MIT
yallist v2.1.2ISC
yallist v3.0.2ISC
yui-lint v0.2.0BSD-3-Clause

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