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Version: 13.x (Current)

API Portal


The API Portal microservice will present you a graphical interface for your Open Api specification document. This service is responsible for contacting an endpoint where your swagger Open Api document should be provided.

This interface will semantically describe the APIs in a readable structure text format and will also allow you to interact and test each of them by clicking on the "Try it out" button.


The available Open Api document is automatically generated and kept in sync by Swagger Aggregator. You can apply custom configurations directly from the Console

The Open Api documentation lets you know exactly how your APIs will work and behave, before integrating your APIs into your code. It lists all the available REST-endpoints and provides detailed information for each of them: description, parameters and schema.


API Portal generates the Documentation Portal section of the Console where all services and CRUDs routes are shown and can be tested.


Other than showing your Open Api specification document, the API Portal allows to filter it. It can be filtered by tags, methods and endpoint name.

It's also possible to change the category which is a map of the subswaggers related to the Swagger Aggregator microservice.