Version: 8.x (Current)

Payment Gateway Manager

The Payment Gateway Manager (PGM) is a microservice responsible to encapsule the payment processing logic across different Payment Providers.

The payment processing logic includes:

  • Request a payment on a payment provider
  • Request a refund on a payment provider
  • Transaction Status Verification:
    • M2M Callback: handling of payment transactions' M2M callbacks from a payment provider
    • On-Demand: on-demand transaction status check on the payment provider
    • Both may end in a result notification push towards an external service


The PGM interfaces aim to be Payment Provider agnostic. In this way an eventual Payment Provider's change does not involve huge modifications for the services leveraging the PGM.

  • Payment Request: POST /{provider}/{payment-method}/pay
  • Refund Request: POST /{provider}/{payment-method}/refund
  • M2M Callback Transaction Status Verification: GET /{provider}/callback
  • On-Demand Transaction Status Verification: GET /{provider}/check

Supported Providers and Payment Methods#

Provider\Payment Methodcredit-cardsapplepaygooglepaypay-palsatispay
gestpay (Axerve)โœ“โœ“โœ“



At the moment the currency used for payments is not configurable and is set to be Euros by default