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Version: 13.x (Current)


Open Banking and financial insights

It provides customers with a comprehensive collection of operations to register persons, accounts and transactions. Through a proprietary multi-layer categorization engine, the platform supports the categorization of bank movements and it recognizes the recurrent ones. Customers can also accomplish the account connection through PSD2 taking advantage of Fabrick Pass service that is fully integrated within the platform. Given the registered data, the customers can retrieve KPIs that the platform calculated and have a detailed picture on retail financial behavior.

AI-powered data analytics and creditworthiness evaluation

It offers the calculation of KPIs based on AI models that focus on the creditworthiness evaluation. Such KPIs can be used in decisioning models for the credit industry or similar scenarios where it is crucial to know the probability of default and or the affordability of a loan installment.

Lending as a Service

The platform gives customers a modular and customizable solution that enables instant lending. It provides the basic operations to register loan products, simulate a loan, by calculating its main characteristics, and register loan applications. Such functionalities can be integrated in existing solutions to embed credit capabilities in existing flows.