Version: 8.x (Current)

Export Service

Export Service is a service that exposes an API that allows to export the given input data source in different formats. The input data source to be exported format must be a JSON line.

The supported output formats are:

  • JSON
  • CSV
  • HTML
  • XLSX

How it works#

The service is multi-tenant and managed by Mia-Platform in a different location than the other project services, so check with your Mia-Platform referent if it is available for your project.

The service exposes the API http://export-service/export and its configuration is provided in the body of the POST Request.

Use case#

A use case would be to export a report containing the aggregation result which is needed in a particular file format like xlsx.

First thing is needed a route that returns a jsonl with the data to export. The Crud Service /export API or the MongoDB Reader can both be useful to this need. Once the jsonl endpoint is available add the url in the configuration of the Export Service.


Since the Export Service is located in a different location after the hostname of the url add the following command {{KUBE_NAMESPACE}}.svc.cluster.local. This way the service when will know where is located the data to retrieve.

In case you want to export a file with a button in the Headless CMS take note that it is only possible to make GET Requests, so you need a custom adapter service that transforms the POST Request to the Export Service and exposes a GET route returning the exported file.