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Version: 13.x (Current)

Form assignments

Starting with version 1.2.0, the Form Service Fronted has introduced the support for Form assignments. This feature goal is to allow data collection from specific users using dedicated forms, such as questionnaires.

A form template customized with the Form Builder can be marked as private (the image below shows the Private form field checked) and assigned to specific users: only the assigned users will be able to submit data in the Form Visualizer.

Form Builder with assignments UI


Only one submission is allowed for a private form template assigned to a specific user. If you want to allow multiple submission for a given template leave the Private form field unchecked.

It's also possible to set the Editable form field from the UI. An editable form can be updated only by the user that submitted it in the first place, otherwise the same user will be able to access the submitted data in a 'view only' mode.

Form Visualizer not editable

Other users can only view the submitted data in the Form Visualizer if their user group is selected from the Submitted forms viewers multi-picker. For more information about groups (i.e. admin doctor etc etc) check here and here. Read this documentation to know how to enable Auth0 as an identity provider.


Submitted forms viewers can't edit the submitted data. A non-editable form will be displayed in the Form Visualizer.


Leaving the Submitted forms viewers field empty will prevent any kind of user to view submitted form data.

Form assignments require Form Service Backend version 1.2.0 (or above). For more information about it's configuration and how to assign a form template to specific users read the Form assignments configuration.