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Version: 13.x (Current)

Footer & Item State



The Footer & Item State renders an element counter and button acting on a selected dataset subset. It is designed to be placed as footer of a plugin page.

The Footer & Item State keeps track of selected items monitoring the selected-data-bulk event. When all selected items share the same __STATE__ field, a button is rendered. __STATE__ field is one of the predefined fields in collections handled vis Mia Platform's CRUD Service. Upon clicking the button, a request is sent to update the __STATE__ field of selected items in a bulk operation. This is achieved by the emission of an update-state-bulk event. A component like the CRUD Client may manage this event.

How to configure

The Footer & Item State does not require any explicit configuration.

"tag": "bk-footer"

It is possible to disable the state change functionality by setting disableStateChange property to true.


The texts of the Footer can be customized through the property customLocale, which accepts an object shaped like the following:

type Locale = {
stateChangeCta: {
PUBLIC: LocalizedText
DRAFT: LocalizedText
TRASH: LocalizedText
element: LocalizedText
elements: LocalizedText
selected: LocalizedText

where LocalizedText is either a string or an object mapping language acronyms to strings.


Properties & Attributes

disableStateChangedisable-state-changebooleanfalsetoggles state change functionalities

Listens to

loading-datasets internal loading state
count-dataadjusts footer counter to currently viewed dataset
selected-data-bulkprepares callToAction on a given dataset subset
nested-navigation-state/pushupdates internal representation of the current nesting path by adding one step
nested-navigation-state/backupdates internal representation of the current nesting path by removing the specified number of steps


update-state-bulkUpdates the state of selected items in a bulk operation