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Version: 13.x (Current)

Microfrontend Composer overview

Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer represents the nexus of innovation and user-centric design, enabling businesses to seamlessly create, manage, and optimize their web interfaces. This overview illustrates the core components, functionalities, and use cases, demonstrating the high adaptability and value Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer brings to various scenarios.

Composition Concepts

Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer revolves around the concept of frontend composition. It allows you to seamlessly create custom Content Management Systems (CMS) or generic User Interfaces (UIs) by combining various web components in the same page or combining different micro-frontends in the same website. Through composition, you have the flexibility to build tailor-made pages.

Back-Kit Web Component Library

Back-Kit provides a comprehensive library of web components. From UI elements to connectors, Back-Kit facilitates the creation of tailor-made pages, be it through Mia-Platform's extensive library or any custom web-component library that aligns with the Microfrontend Composer environment.

micro-lc Micro-Frontend Orchestration

At the crossroads of efficiency and innovation, micro-lc operates as an open-source micro-frontend orchestrator. Its purpose? To act as a cohesive rendering engine that melds configured pages, iFrames, and parcels into a seamless user experience. Plus, it's expertly integrated within the no-code page generation interface of Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer, but if preferred or for special cases, the "full-code" editor remains at your disposal.

In Mia-Platform Console

Mia-Platform Console offers an intuitive design, accommodating both technical experts and non-technical users. It streamlines the configuration process, ensuring Microfrontend Composer development remains an uncomplicated affair. Beyond its no-code charms, for the tech-savvy, raw configurations can be manually adjusted, all viewable in real-time previews.

Templates from Mia-Platform Marketplace

The Marketplace is a catalog of templates, primed for crafting micro-frontends using mainstream frontend frameworks such as React and Angular. It's not just about giving you a head start, but about providing a solid foundation built on best practices and modern design principles.

Page Templates with Back-Kit

Starting from scratch or seeking inspiration? Either way, Back-Kit has you covered. With page templates, you can either meticulously craft your layout or employ a pre-existing template. These templates, with various Back-Kit components, are designed to address specific needs, paving the way for efficient and effective page creation.

High-Level Use Cases

Understanding the broad applicability and versatility of Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer becomes even more crucial when delving into its real-world applications. The "High-Level Use Cases" section sheds light on the myriad scenarios where the platform proves indispensable. From custom content management to specific interface development, the following cases exemplify how Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer seamlessly integrates into different operational contexts, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Custom CMS Configuration

Perhaps you need a CMS, one that’s malleable to your every whim and requirement. Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer doesn't just offer a solution; it presents an experience. Tailor every inch of your CMS, ensuring content management remains a streamlined affair.

Custom User Interface Development

Whether you're in the business of constructing internal tools, unique dashboards, or intricate UIs, Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer is your canvas, and your imagination is the limit.

Microfrontend Composer Applications

In many businesses, Microfrontend Composer applications play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. These applications handle the internal processes and tasks that aren't seen by the customers but are vital for the organization's functioning. Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer offers an optimal environment to create and manage these critical applications with precision and ease.

Micro-Frontends & iFrame Integration

The world of web design and user experience is vast, encompassing legacy systems and newer, more dynamic interfaces. With Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer, you can integrate these seemingly disparate elements. Whether it's an older system that's not easily updatable or a new-age micro-frontend, everything finds its place in the cohesive environment orchestrated by micro-lc. Plus, with the readily available templates in Mia-Platform Marketplace, kickstarting your micro-frontend development with mainstream frontend frameworks becomes a breeze.


To use the configurator, the Microfrontend Composer application needs to be deployed in your project from the marketplace.