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Version: 13.x (Current)

Flow Manager Integration

This service is able to communicate with the Flow Manager service via REST APIs. The communication with the Flow Manager can be enabled setting the FLOW_MANAGER_URL environment variable and therefore SAGA_CRUD_URL too.


The PGM can both send events to Flow Manager and also process commands using the following APIs:

  • /saga/pay: executes the payment process just like /{provider}/{payment-method}/pay API
  • /saga/confirm: provides the confirm feature as /{provider}/{payment-method}/confirm API
  • /saga/refund: performs the refund action as /{provider}/{payment-method}/refund API

Moreover, the PGM has read access to the CRUD collection containing the payment sagas.

Flow Manager's Machine Definition

In order to work properly, the machine definition provided to the Flow Manager has to comply with the following image.

Machine Definition