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Version: 13.x (Current)


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.4.1] - 2023-08-11


  • reviewed how S3 credentials are loaded, in particular the endpoint, so that now it correctly connects to AWS S3
  • updated service dependencies

[1.4.0] - 2023-07-03


  • MongoDB's collection to keep record of each re-ingestion made to the service. Now the application requires the following environment variables to start up:
    • MONGODB_URL: connection to the database
    • MONGODB_NAME: name of the database
  • GET routes:
    • /status/folders: get name of available folders. Returns array of strings
    • /status/{folderName}/count: returns number of files for the specified folder


  • listFiles method of abstract class BasicBucket returns streams instead of sequences: this choice has been done to improve performances and avoid Java Heap Space error raised by AWS SDK


  • unused organizer-by-key methods and routes, since the component Data Organized has been removed from Bucket Storage Support

[1.3.1] - 2023-05-29


  • removed a typo from Dockerfile that prevented to properly start up the created image

[1.3.0] - 2023-05-24


  • reingestion service for topics now properly handles all the files contained in the bucket when very large volumes are found
  • prevent reingestion on topic when start or stop date is invalid


  • reviewed logging by increasing verbosity at debug level to ease debug at runtime
  • upgraded service dependencies
  • upgraded kotlin to v1.8.21

[1.2.0] - 2023-05-10


  • Added a new custom selector system to filter specific messages retrieved from a bucket, based on Kotlin scripting using JSR223, allowing precise and targeted filtering of messages to be reingested.
  • Added support for retrieving custom selectors from a ConfigMap at startup.
    The new CONFIGURATIONS_PATH environment variable is used to specify the directory containing the necessary .kts files, which must be organized in a subdirectory called /selectors.
    A pool of custom selectors is generated based on a hashmap with the custom selector name as the key and the custom selector script as the value.
  • Exposed the new custom selector system in the POST /reingestion/file and POST /reingestion/topic endpoints. The customSelectorName field in the JSON body is used to specify the name of the custom selection script to be used in the filtering process (CustomSelectorName is the name of the file without the .kts extension).


  • Fixed GCP bucket tests

[1.1.0] - 2023-01-13


  • removed Bucket Type enum to align environment variable values to the other services that employ lowercase names (BUCKET_TYPE can now be set as google or s3)
  • upgraded service dependencies
  • fixed linting
  • renamed service configuration root property in application.yaml

[1.0.1] - 2022-11-24


  • Added metrics for bucket calls tracking

[1.0.0] - 2022-11-24

Initial Release

This is the initial version of the service, that exposes various routes, that re-ingest messages from a bucket storage, to a specified topic.