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Version: 13.x (Current)


Custom styling and UI configuration can be provided to the service by editing the configMap of the Chat Service Backend. Its possible in this way to pass to the app the following options:


Global style options (primary colors, fonts, ...) can be configured by setting the following css variables options according to the Stream sdk specification:

"options": {
"theme": {
"--primary-color": "var(--microlc-primary-color)",
"--grey-gainsboro": "var(--microlc-footer-background)",
"--grey-whisper": "var(--microlc-primary-color-tint-89)",
"--white-snow": "#F0F0EC",
"--border": "none"

For a full list of the available variables, please refer to the Stream SDK Documentation.

Extra options

Aside from the theming options it's possible to set many custom options in order to configure the chat view's behavior. A list of the editable variables is given below:

  • disableEmojiPicker: (boolean, optional) Disable the insertion of emoji in the messages
  • disableFileUpload: (boolean, optional) Disable file upload in the messages
  • showUnreadBadge: (boolean, optional) Shows a badge with the unread messages' count in the preview of every chat channel, if any
  • showLastMessageTimestamp: (boolean, optional) Shows the last message's timestamp in the preview of every chat channel, if any