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Version: 13.x (Current)

Requests and limits

Here is described a performance test run with Artillery.


The CRUD SQL is configured to connect to a MSSQL Server 2019 and deployed with the following resources:

  • CPU request: 200m
  • CPU limit: 500m
  • Memory request: 300Mi
  • Memory limit: 500Mi

The table used for the test has the following characteristics:

  • number of records: 10
  • response size ~3KB

The test consists in requests to the GET /books API.


Results have been obtained through specific tests implementing a series of requests to the CRUD SQL. The service has been deployed in a test environment and exposed online through the Mia-Platform Console. The API that has been tested to verify CRUD SQL performances is:

GET /books: used to download a set of data from the books SQL table, this has been tested without filters and pagination.

UsersRequests Per UserResponse OKResponse KOmin response time (ms)avg response time (ms)max response time (ms)
1000100100000844 (users)3315569992