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Version: 10.x (Current)

Single View Trigger Configuration

Environment variables

  • LOG_LEVEL (required): defines the level of the logger
  • PROJECTION_STORAGE_MONGODB_URL (required): defines the mongodb URL for the projection storage database
  • PROJECTION_CHANGES_MONGODB_URL (required): defines the mongodb URL for the projection changes database
  • PROJECTIONS_DATABASE_NAME (required): defines the name of the projections' database
  • PROJECTIONS_CHANGES_COLLECTION_NAME (required): defines the name of the projections changes collection
  • LC39_HTTP_PORT (required): defines the lc39 HTTP port
  • KAFKA_BROKERS (required): defines the Kafka brokers
  • KAFKA_GROUP_ID (required): defines the Kafka group id (it is suggested to use a syntax like {tenant}.{environment}.{project-name}.{system}.{single-view-name}.single-view-trigger)
  • KAFKA_SASL_USERNAME (required): defines the Kafka SASL username
  • KAFKA_SASL_PASSWORD (required): defines the Kafka SASL password
  • MAP_TABLE_FOLDER (required): defines the path to the map table folder
  • KAFKA_PROJECTION_UPDATES_FOLDER (required): path to the folder that contains the file kafkaProjectionUpdates.json, containing configurations of the topic from where to consume projection updates
  • ER_SCHEMA_FOLDER: defines the path to the folder containing the ER-Schema
  • KAFKA_SASL_MECHANISM: defines the authentication mechanism. It can be one of: plain, scram-sha-256 or scram-sha-512. The default value is plain
  • KAFKA_PROJECTION_CHANGES_FOLDER: path where has been mounted the kafkaProjectionChanges.json configuration.
  • KAFKA_HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL_MS: The expected time in milliseconds between heartbeats to the consumer coordinator. Default is 3000
  • STRATEGIES_FOLDER: defines the path to the strategies' folder
  • USE_AUTOMATIC_STRATEGIES: defines whether to use or not automatic strategies. Default is false
  • PROJECTIONS_CHANGES_SOURCE: defines whether the projection changes are going to be sent on Mongo or Kafka. Default is KAFKA. Possible values are either MONGO or KAFKA.
  • CA_CERT_PATH: the path to the CA certificate, which should include the file name as well, e.g. /home/my-ca.pem

Configuration files

Since this service purpose is to lighten the workload of the Real-Time Updater, it won't need any new kind of configuration file, the ones it needs are the same used in a traditional RTU. As for the environment variables, most of them are going to be the same as the RTU, except for PROJECTIONS_CHANGES_SOURCE, a newly introduced variable matching the one of the Single View Creator, indicating where the projection changes are going to be sent.

The required ones are:

If the projection changes have to be produced on Kafka, it will also need

In case the environment variable USE_AUTOMATIC_STRATEGIES is set to true, the following configurations will be needed:

Otherwise, if you need extreme customization for your project, it's suggested to adopt the manual approach for strategies configuration. To do so, the environment variable USE_AUTOMATIC_STRATEGIES must be set to false.

In this case the default mount path used for strategy configuration is: /home/node/app/configurations/strategies. In this folder you have all the generated Strategies which you have defined in your GitLab project inside the fast-data-files/strategies directory.

CA certs

You can set your CA certs by providing a path to the certification file in the environment variable CA_CERT_PATH.