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Version: 13.x (Current)



Throughout the Fast Data documentation we use MongoDB terminology since we use MongoDB under the hood to store all your data. If you are not familiar with its terminology check out this comparison with SQL terms.

Fast Data terms

In this page you will find a glossary containing an explanation of the Fast Data terms, together with a link to the page where they are discussed.

TermExplanationAliasMore info
Base projectionIs the projection that correlates 1:1 to your single view, e.g if we have a Single View for your users named "sv_registry", the Base projection will most likely be a projection called "pr_registry"-link
Cast functionA function used to transform the data originally coming from the System of Record before it is saved in the Projection-link
Change Data Capture (CDC)A system that reacts to change of data at some source (in our case the System of Record) by emitting an eventCDClink
DB2 AdapterThe default Kafka adapter-link
Golden Gate AdapterA Kafka adapter containing before and after fields-link
Initial projectionIs the projection modified by the ingestion message, e.g if we have an ingestion message that updates a "pr_allergens" document, then our Initial projection will be "pr_allergens"-link
Kafka adapterA function that transforms the ingested Kafka messages into a format that can be read by the the Real-Time Updater-link
ProjectionA Projection is a standardized representation of the data coming from the System of Recordprlink
Projection ChangesMongoDB or Kafka event that informs the listener that a Single View needs to be updatedpclink
Projection UpdateKafka event that informs the listener that a Projection has been changedpr-updatelink
Real-Time UpdaterThe service responsible for the creation, update and deletion of the ProjectionsRTUlink
Single ViewA Single View is a document that aggregates data from many Projections, always available and updated in near real-timesvlink
Single View CreatorThe service responsible for the creation, update and deletion of Single ViewsSVClink
Single View EventKafka message that informs the listener that a Single View has been successfully updatedsvc-eventslink
Single View Trigger GeneratorThe service responsible for generating events that trigger the update of Single ViewsSVTGlink
StrategyStrategies are functions that retrieve the unique identifiers of the Single View that needs to be updated or created as consequence of the changes on the Projections-link
System of RecordA System of Record is the data source providing the raw information to a Fast Data systemSoRlink