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Version: 13.x (Current)

Kafka Projection Updates Configuration


The Kafka Projection Updates is a JSON file which describes for each projection a Projection Updates topic and a Strategy to generate the projection changes identifier. This file is typically used by:

Configuration Properties

The Kafka Projection Updates is a JSON object where each key represents the name of a projection. Each entry has the following fields:

  • updatesTopic: The topic where the Projection Updates messages are sent, if you haven't created a topic for the projection yet take a look to our naming conventions for the Projection Updates topics.
  • strategy: the type of strategies that you want to use onto this projection. You can choose either __automatic__ or __fromFile__.

There will be different behaviors based on the strategy value. The JSON configuration can contain both automatic and manual strategies.

"strategy": "__automatic__"

The automatic strategy handles the generation of the projection changes identifier accordingly to the paths in the Projection Changes Schema config map containing the projection.