“Don’t waste time to setup your platform, just push the code”

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The Developers Console aims to governs the code life cycle according to the guidelines you have provided and defines the procedures by automating the standards you define so the developers can focus only business logic image alt text It has been designed to simplify the work of developer and consists in different components:

  • SET UP INFRASTRUCTURE: In this area you can configure your Environment; manage the environment variables with visibility of the differences between the different environments and set up your own project.

  • DESIGN: In the Design area it is possible to design your own APIs according to established guidelines. Create Microservices starting from Templates with configurable standards for you: log, security, readiness, probeness and documentation. All generated configurations are GIT centric.

  • TEST & DEBUG In the test area you can configure your own consistency tests and code quality that will be performed automatically by the deployment pipelines

  • DEPLOY In the Deploy area you can release your services with a click that activates the automatic pipelines. You can monitor your releases, view the deployment history, and roll back if necessary

  • METRICS In Metrics è possibile analizzare i dati dei log per monitorare le API,i microservizi e gli applicativi visualizzandone il successo e l’utilizzo.

  • MONITORING In the Monitoring section it is possible to debug and monitor your own microservices. From this area users have direct control over the infrastructure and can choose to restart or cancel their own PODs

  • DOCUMENTATION: In the Documentation Portal users find all the documentation of their own APIs and microservices centralized and automatically generated. From this section it is also possible to test your own APIs.

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