Version: 6.x (Current)

Microservices Ecosystem Overview

Discover how to use plug-in templates and ready-to-use components to speed up your application development and orchestration.

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Develop cloud-native microservices leveraging Mia-Platform’s templates. Decouple your business logics from IT systems and channels, easily orchestrate hundreds of microservices and make your Company evolve and scale fast.

Microservices Marketplace

Leverage Templates and Examples to develop microservices in your favourite technology. Let development teams focus on the business logics, without worrying about set up, libraries, logs and orchestration.

Check out the Marketplace section to further detail.

Orchestrator Services

The essential components to orchestrate your services in production. Put in pipelines sequences of microservices, enrich your API calls with PRE/POST decorators, subscribe to topics and publish events to message brokers, schedule Jobs and manage distributed transactions with Saga Patterns.


Connect your Web and mobile app to Cloud services via API and SDK. Features include static files hosting, notifications, file management, and CRUD as well as many other backend services.

Data & DB Reader Adapter

Manage data from every source safely via API: execute and aggregate SQL and NoSQL queries, commands and stored procedures, translate SOAP to REST API, manage data caches.

Growth and Voice Services

Monetize your APIs faster: integrate all your payment gateways, manage discounts and promotions, provide Digital Wallet and MGM, and extend your channels to Voice and Bot Services.

  • iPaaS Adapter for Mulesoft
  • Geo-fence
  • Monetization
  • Multi-payment Gateway
  • Google Dialogflow Adapter
  • Alexa Adapter

Test and Monitoring

Test your Graphical User Interface, check up the health status of your services and try out your APIs to understand if they are working efficiently and effectively.