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Version: 9.x (Current)


This application allows you to setup all the microservices and endpoints to enable front-end authorization with Auth0.

Authorization Service

The authorization-service is added (if it does not already exist) in order to manage the authorization flow. It is created with a standard configuration, with USERINFO_URL pointing to the auth0-client service.

Oauth Login Site

This microservice will be responsible for the authentication part of the process, allowing the user to insert his/her credentials and proceed with the login process.


  • /web-login

Auth0 Client

The auth0-client is added (if it does not already exist) in order to handle authentication and user management using Auth0 as identity provider.


  • /authorize
  • /oauth/token
  • /userinfo
  • /logout

Public Variables

  • AUTH0_NAMESPACE: name of the namespace of Auth0 tenant,
  • AUTH0_CALLBACK_URL: a URL to which Auth0 redirects the user at the end of the authentication process. Its value should be https://{{HOST}}/web-login/callback.