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Version: 12.x (Current)

Version 12.0.1 Release Notes

December 21th, 2023



MongoDB CRUD section now manages Fast Data sv-error collection

Fast Data collection sv-error is now visible in the MongoDB CRUD section.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • a bug has been fixed that causes the user to lose local changes in case of exiting the Design Area after a successful merge process
  • fixed a bug that, upon failure of namespaces deletion when deleting a project, caused the respective feedback not to be displayed to the user
  • fixed a bug that caused a file handling error in Console editors

Fast Data

Fast Data Configurator

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • creation of duplicate indexes now displays an error alert
  • multiple unique indexes in projections now displays a warning alert
  • fixed Aggregation error with not existing or unreachable dependencies
  • fix service name in Single View Trigger Generator service configuration page
  • fix on the Single View Creator configuration where the Single View Trigger Configuration was deleted after updating
  • no Code Aggregation supports field of type string with format date-time or date
  • no Code Aggregation translation fix on fields of unrecognized type

Fast Data Services

Single View Creator

The new version v6.3.0 of the Single View Creator is available!

New Features
  • introduce Single View Retry mechanism, which allows to try aggregating again Single View records that encounter transient errors. More details can be found in the dedicated documentation section
  • introduce support to version v2.0.0 of Single View Update event. By default, the service will continue producing events using v1.0.0, whereas the new version be opted-in by setting SV_UPDATE_VERSION environment variable to v2.0.0.
    More details on this feature can be found in the message documentation paragraph
Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • Single View NO_SV_GENERATED error is now tracked only when generating a Single View record leads to an empty aggregation results and the corresponding record was not previously existing on the database. This allows to distinguish between delete operations, which are not tracked anymore, from actual aggregation errors.

For more information check out the service changelog.

Microfrontend Composer

Back-Kit Library

The new version v1.4.9 of the back-kit library is available!

Refer to back-kit changelog for finer-grained details of new versions.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • bk-form-wizard component correctly handles consecutive steps with same fields
  • bk-form-wizard component correctly holds values of hidden fields
  • Form components correctly use monaco editor component to render object / array fields


Marketplace Updates

CRUD Service

The new version v6.9.4 of the CRUD Service is available!

  • Writable Views documentation has been overhauled to clarify their use case, limitations and how to configure them
  • indexes creation at startup has been refactored to limit the number of connections concurrently opened
  • MongoDB's connection parameter maxIdleTimeMs is now customizable on the service according to your needs
Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • Writable Views now properly support lookups adopting a one-to-many relationship (multiple values are returned by the $lookup operation in the view aggregation pipeline)

For more information please check out the service changelog.

Flow Manager Service

The new version v2.6.3 of the Flow Manager Service is available!

New Features
Improved schemas of exposed endpoints

All the endpoints exposed by the service now have tag Flow Manager in their schema. Moreover, endpoint /configuration is now hidden from service Swagger.

Redacted Mongo connection

If the service mount a persistency manager of type mongo, the property connectionUri will now be redacted from logs.

Added possibility to deep merge saga metadata upon events reception

Upon events reception, saga metadata can now be deep merged. Moreover, the service can be instructed to perform specific merging behaviors using an optional custom function.

To learn more about this feature, check out the dedicated documentation page.

How to update your Console

For self-hosted installations, please head to the self hosted upgrade guide or contact your Mia-Platform referent and upgrade to Console Helm Chart v11.0.4.