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Version: 11.x (Current)

Version v11.5.0 Release Notes

Aug 31st, 2023


New Features

Support of Lookup in CRUD Views

In the MongoDB Views section, it is possible to enable lookup, following specific pipeline requirements to obtain data from lookup collections, simplifying interaction with views and improving support for collections with one-to-one or many-to-one relationships.

More information can be found in the official documentation.

Please note that it is possible to enable lookups only if the CRUD Service configured in the project has version 6.9.0 or superior. In case there are different versions per environment, all the versions defined must be equal or superior to 6.9.0 to enable lookups.

Check the CRUD Service section for more insights!


Mongo Collections and Views support multiple tags

The collections configured in the section MongoDB CRUD and the views configured in the MongoDB Views section can have more than one tag. These tags will be then included in the configuration files passed to the CRUD Service to have the collections grouped by said tags, in order to simplify the use of the service.

Please note that it is possible to create multiple tags only if the CRUD Service configured in the project has version 6.9.0 or superior. In case there are different versions per environment, all the versions defined must be equal or superior to 6.9.0 to configure these tags.

Check the CRUD Service section for more insights!

User Profile section

We have enhanced the viewing and management of user profile settings and preferences, combining them into a single section always accessible from the Console launchbar. By clicking on the new Profile option from the dropdown menu, you will now be presented with a section containing two tabs: Personal info and Preferences.
In the Personal info tab, you will find a brief summary of your profile and an external link for managing your profile settings on the identity provider.
Within the "Preferences" tab, you can view and manage user's specific preferences.

Bug Fix

This version addressed the following bug:

  • It has been fixed a bug that prevented the correct redirect from the Project Metrics Homepage to the Runtime Area when clicking on the Pods Status of a specific environment.

Fast Data

Fast Data Configurator

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs in the No-Code Aggregation, here is a comprehensive list:

  • It is now possible to correctly see fields with the same name prefix inside the field explorer.
  • Errors for Array of Objects type fields are no more producing crashes when opening the Aggregation No-Code.
  • Error handling has been improved when using joinDependency.
  • The Cast Functions section has been moved from its dedicated space in the sidebar to a tab inside the Projections section.
  • Some boilerplate code has been added inside the Validator tab of each Single View Creator page if the Validator code has not been already created.

Fast Data Services

Real Time Updater

The new version v7.5.5 of the realtime-updater is available!

  • db2 value can now be used as an alias of basic when setting the message adapter format.
  • Service now exposes Prometheus metrics to keep track of Kafka consumer lag.

Single View Trigger Generator

The new version v3.0.3 of the single-view-trigger-generator is available!

  • Service now exposes Prometheus metrics to keep track of Kafka consumer lag.

For more information check out the service changelog

Ingestion Storer

The new version v1.5.0 of the ingestion-storer is available!

New Features
  • Messages are now cached until they reach a tunable size before they are uploaded to the bucket. In any case, cached messages are always uploaded after a tunable timeout, so that it is guaranteed to reach a consumer lag of on topics.
  • introduced the following config keys:
    • bss.cache-upload-timeout controls the timeout after which cached messages are uploaded to the bucket when no new messages arrive (default 1 minute).
    • bss.max-bytes-per-file establishes the average file size to upload (default 8MB). Setting this value to 0 recovers v1.4.0 service behavior.
    • bss.max-cache-size maximum cache size that can be reached for each single file. It should be sufficiently larger than bss.max-bytes-per-file (default 10MB).

Note: The caching mechanism creates a cache space for each combination of topic-partition. For this reason, we recommend fine-tuning service memory request and limit depending on the value set for bss.max-bytes-per-file and the total number of partitions the service is going to consume from.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • Reviewed shutdown logic to actually terminate the service in case of errors.
  • Kafka deserializer is set to ByteArrayDeserializer to reduce memory consumption. This can be achieved because the service does not need to know the message key and payload contents.
  • Log levels of internal libraries have been lifted to WARN to reduce logging.

Ingestion Reloader

The new version v1.4.1 of the ingestion-reloader is available!

Bug Fix

This version addressed the following bug:

  • Removed the requirement on the S3 endpoint, so that now the service can correctly connect to AWS S3 when using virtual-hosted style connections.


Backoffice Configurator

Bug Fix

Fixed navigation to other Console sections when the revision name contains a slash

Internal navigation to other sections of the Console now works correctly even if the dynamic parts of the URL contain some characters that need escaping (e.g., /).

Backoffice Library - 1.3.18

Bug Fix

phosphor icons render tags

phosphor icons render tags such as rect or circle via @micro-lc/iconic@1.3.1


New Features

Import data feature

Support for CRUD Service import functionality is available through components bk-import-modal and bk-crud-client.

Lookup fields are handled with CRUD Service views

Support for CRUD Service writable views is available in components that handle lookup fields. Previous lookup field handling, through bk-crud-lookup-client and lookupOptions data-schema key, is now deprecated.

New form components are available

New components bk-dynamic-form-modal, bk-dynamic-form-drawer, bk-dynamic-form-card, bk-form-wizard are available. These extend the functionalities of bk-form-modal, bk-form-drawer, bk-form-card, which are now deprecated.

Bug Fix

bk-layout handles absent names in the user menu

Component bk-layout shows the user menu when the user context is defined (when the fetch request to API is successful). This fix will show an empty user name if not provided.


  • The bk-crud-lookup-client component is deprecated in favor of backend handling of lookup fields using the CRUD Service's writable views functionalities.
  • Component bk-form-modal is no longer supported. It is recommended to transition to component
    • bk-form-wizard, if property wizard is defined in bk-form-modal,
    • bk-dynamic-form-modal otherwise.
  • The bk-form-drawer component is no longer supported. Transitioning to bk-dynamic-form-drawer is recommended.
  • The bk-form-card component is no longer supported. Transitioning to bk-dynamic-form-card is recommended.


Marketplace Updates

CRUD Service

The new version v6.9.0 of the CRUD Service is available!

New Features
Import Route

A new endpoint /<collection-name>/import has been exposed, so that it is possible to upload new records for selected collections from a file. The supported file types are:

  • application/json
  • application/x-ndjson
  • text/csv

This endpoint can be called using either the POST method to perform an insert operation or the PATCH method to upsert new and existing documents.

More details on this feature can be found in the dedicated section of the Overview and Usage documentation page.

Export Route

The existing /<collection-name>/export endpoint can now export collections in formats different from ndjson. In fact, now text/csv type is also supported.

Best Practice Document

The documentation has been extended to further clarify how the CRUD Service and its features can be employed in different scenarios.

Performance Improvements

This new service version increases API requests throughput while maintaining all the new features

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • add missing enableLookup property from service configuration JSON Schema
  • solve startup performance issues when many collection definitions were configured

With the release of version v6.9.0, we highly recommend users update their CRUD Service instances to this new one, especially in the case the current adopted version is between v6.6.x and v6.8.x since those CRUD Service versions suffered some performance issues that have been resolved.

For more information check out the service changelog

Appointment Manager - v.2.2.0

Added flexible slots and participant status features.

Care Kit - v.2.5.2

Added exporting module to ck-chart component. Fixed ck-chart filter handling and am-calendar event visualization.

Form Service BE and FE - v.1.8.x

Added form expiration date feature.

Messaging Service - v.1.3.0

Added handlebars-helpers library for advanced message interpolation.

O3 DICOM Service - v.0.1.2

Removed patientID in the GET /token endpoint.

PDF Service - v.2.0.0

The new PDF Service now allows to

  • generate a PDF from an HTML template;
  • generate a PDF from a URL;
  • merge two or more PDF documents.

See the CHANGELOG for more details about the new features.

Python FastAPI Hello World Example

Added capability to set, via the environment variable HEADER_KEYS_TO_PROXY, which headers to proxy. Moreover, the mock server's base url can now be customized and logs are now shown in the monitoring console section.

SMS Service - v.1.1.0

Added features and documentation to prevent OTP fraud on Twilio. More precisely, added:

  • a configurable rate limit;
  • a check on Twilio account balance before sending SMS;
  • an exponential delay to send sms.

See the CHANGELOG for more details about the new features.

Teleconsultation Service Backend - v.1.4.0

Added a POST /credentials endpoint.

How to update your Console

For on-premise installations, please contact your Mia-Platform referent and upgrade your Console Helm Chart to v9.5.2.