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Version: 9.5.x


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2.6.2 - 06/10/2022

Security fix

  • CVE-2021-42550
  • CVE-2022-37434

2.6.1 - 06/10/2022


  • Braintree: option submit_for_settlementremoved from configs and hardcoded to true

2.6.0 - 04/08/2022


  • Added possibility for GestPay payments to override redirect URLs via /pay request body, including the URL for the server callback

2.5.1 - 18/07/2022


  • Added possibility for credit card, Satispay, Scalapay payments to override redirect URLs via /pay request body



  • new endpoint /pay/recurrent to gestpay(Axerve) provider for credit-cards and pay-pal methods to support executing recurrent payments


  • gestpay /create interface, so that now it includes also details regarding recurring payments
  • CallbackMessage now contains recurrenceToken field, which value, if present, can be employed to perform subsequent payments with PayPal (without user interaction)
  • upgraded service dependencies
  • updated Dockerfile to build from source code the JAR executed in the image, rather than copying the one created within the build pipeline
  • updated build configuration to target Java 17


  • PayPal payment type in gestpay provider (it was set to Satispay)
  • reduced building warnings
  • Fixed return fields of the SafeCharge closeTransaction operations. Now they always return the authCode and the transactionId.

2.4.0 - 17/06/2022


  • Changed GestPayService to accept optional fields buyerName and buyerEmail during the payment

2.3.0 - 09/06/2022


  • New payment provider: Soisy (native implementation).

2.2.0 - 09/06/2022


  • BREAKING: SCALAPAY_IS_SANDBOX now is SCALAPAY_BASE_PATH to allow more environments to be handled.
  • Added ccInfo optional field to CallbackMessage

2.1.0 - 10/05/2022


  • New payment provider: SafeCharge.
  • 3D-secure session Management for SafeCharge.


  • Added safeChargeData optional field to CallbackMessage

2.0.2 - 09/05/2022


  • Fixed management of vaulted payments using Braintree without nonce token. Prior to this fix, users encountered problems using vaulted payments from different frontends.

2.0.1 - 26/04/2022


  • HTTP_LOG_LEVEL env variable is now optional.


  • Scalapay /status now correctly translates "pending" to the pending response status.

2.0.0 - 13/04/2022


  • New payment provider: Braintree used to manage transactions having PayPal as payment method.
  • New payment provider: Scalapay.
  • Braintree dedicated endpoints:
    • /braintree/token used to retrieve the users' client
    • /braintree/submit needed to submit a transaction for settlement
    • /braintree/customer used to create a customer
  • Swagger OpenAPI documentation: all endpoints are now documented with swagger! You can use the endpoint /documentation to view it.


  • All endpoints now return a response body of type ErrorResponse in case of failure (look at openapi documentation)


  • Log level is now correctly read from env variable LOG_LEVEL

1.3.0 - 23-02-2022


  • New payment provider: Satispay (native implementation).
  • New payment provider: Unicredit (credit card payments).
  • redirectToUrlMobile to /pay endpoint, that may contain an iOS global URI to redirect to a specific app.
  • Endpoint /status for Satispay provider that allows to check the status of a Satispay payment.

1.2.2 - 02-02-2021

  • New dockerimage name platform/payment-gateway-manager