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Version: 9.5.x


What is Mia-Platform?

Mia‑Platform is the tool you need to turn your Company into a Digital Platform. Mia-Platform is a platform builder: it provides all the capabilities to build and manage modern digital platforms and the tools to empower your Platform Strategy. Mia-Platform is built by developers for developers: its main purpose is streamlining the development cycle of microservices on Kubernetes environments.


Mia-Platform takes care of simplifying the cloud complexity, so that you can focus on building your business products instead of wasting time setting up the platform. All the tools you need are gathered together: from the infrastructure, to the microservice orchestration, to managing the software lifecycle. Just choose the tool that fits you best, and let Mia-Platform take care of the rest.


What Mia-Platform provides you with

Mia-Platform provides you with two main tools to govern complexity and speed up your development teams:

  • Mia-Platform Console: a powerful Internal Developer Portal to govern all projects in one place and to industrialize DevOps;
  • The Marketplace: a catalog of ready-to-use components to speed up development and to promote reuse of code and evolvability in the long term.

Find out more about Mia-Platform Console and the Marketplace.

More Resources

If you want to know more about Mia-Platform, please visit our Release Note and our Blog.