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Version: 8.9.x

Video Pills

Short videos to learn how to use Mia-Platform.

How to create a Node Microservice

Learn how to to create a Node.js microservice in 1 minute: use Mia-Platform Templates from the Marketplace to create the microservice and expose it through an endpoint.

How to create a CRUD

Learn how to create a MongoDB CRUD in only one minute.

How to configure the CMS

Learn how to configure the CMS in few steps. Create pages and categories customizing the layout.

How to configure CMS Analytics

Learn how to configure your CMS Analytics:

  • Select the display layout
  • Configure the widget file;
  • Manage properties (name, collection, filters, type of chart, color, CRUD microservice etc);
  • Set the data range
  • Release and view the analytics of your collections.