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Version: 8.9.x

Application Creation

Creating the Developer Portal using the Mia-Platform Console is extremely simple, you just need a few clicks to create the necessary microservices with almost zero configuration.

Creating the Application using the Marketplace is the first fundamental requirement for a correct dev portal configuration.

Integration requirements

To integrate the Dev Portal, you only need to access the project from which you want to expose it.

Integration steps

The following steps need to be performed on the Mia Platform Console, and they will lead to the deploy a Dev Portal configured instance.

1. Application creation for Dev Portal

Here you are going to create an instance of the Dev Portal application.

  1. Go to the Application section;

  2. Create a new application using the Dev Portal application available in the Core Plugins - Dev Portal section of the marketplace;

    Dev Portal Application

  3. Configure the name and description of the application and all its components;

  4. Complete the creation of the Dev Portal Application instance;

2. Configure dev-portal-micro-lc-backend

  1. Go to the Microservices section, and open the detail of the microservice initially named dev-portal-micro-lc-backend;

  2. In the ConfigMap section, edit the theming section of the file configuration.json, to customize the portal with your logos;


    The remaining configurations are already set for the Dev Portal: to know more about their purpose, please consult the Core Configuration section of micro-lc.

3. Configure backoffice-micro-lc-backend

  1. Go to the Public Variables section, and click Add Variable;
  2. Name the variable BACKOFFICE_WEB_COMPONENTS_VERSION and set 0.10.4 value for all your project environments.

4. Configure api-portal

  1. Go to the Microservices section, and open the api-portal microservice;
  2. Move to the Details card and make sure the version specified in the docker image name is at least 1.14 (e.g.

Final result

At the end of these steps, the situation should be similar to the following:

Microservices configured