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Version: 7.9.x

Version 7.6.x Release Notes


May 19, 2021

New Features

Flow Manager Visualizer

A whole new section is now available in the Design Area featuring the finite state machine representation of any service based on the Flow Manager Service Plugin from marketplace.

Flow Manager main area

To learn more on the section and the available features check out the documentation page.

Addition of external services to a Mia-Craft visualization

It is now possible to add an external service in your Mia-Craft visualization. In particular, Kafka, MongoDB and Redis, respectively with ad-hoc designed icons, can be added into your visualization. Moreover, it is possible to add a custom external service with a custom name.

External service addition

Lastly, user can delete an external custom added into the visualization with a right click on it.

Large Configmaps support

Custom services configuration now supports ConfigMaps larger than 1MB (this limit is imposed by Kubernetes). Large ConfigMaps will be automatically split into multiple parts and joined back together during deployment.

Create a cms page using a fast-data-projection endpoint

It is now possible to create a cms page using a fast-data-projection endpoint by configuring it through the CMS extensions.


A cms page of a fast-data-projection endpoint is read-only. You are not allowed to make any changes.

MIA_ prefix management for Public Variables

It is now possible to avoid the addition of the MIA_ prefix to public variables keys when they are saved in the public variables folder. To do so, console administrators can access the Console CMS and add to your project deploy object the following property useMiaPrefixEnvs set to false. After this, remove from the public variables folder all MIA_ prefixes from all public variables keys of all .env files.


MIA_ prefix is necessary for projects that use bash script for their deploy pipelines. Therefore, this property should be set to true only for projects that use mlp.

Bug Fix

V1-Adapter check required service

Added validation to check whether all the services that the V1-Adapter needs are enabled as core services of the project. If one of them is disabled, an error will be thrown when saving the configuration. Please contact your Mia-Platform referent to enable the required services in your project.

404 page for non existing collections

Replaced the malfunctioning "Something went wrong" screen with a 404 error-page when trying to access the URL of not existing collections.

Validation for configMap file names

Fixed bug that caused the pipeline to fail if a configMap file name contained a blank space. Now the validation is the same regex used by kubernetes.

MongoDB Index fields update

Fixed an error preventing the MongoDB indexes to be properly updated after eliminating or creating fields in an existing index.

Configmap file recreation

Fixed a bug causing the Console to save an incorrect project configuration in case a user deletes a ConfigMap file and recreates it with the same name.

Burger icon menu actions for cms analytics

Removed the malfunctioning features Print Chart and View Data Table of the analytics that caused an incorrect visualization.

Cms card images crop

Fixed bug that was preventing the display of card images with the right size. The fix is available in cms-site v9.14.0. Please update your project to take advantage of it.


In the Environments table of Envs area, the hosts related to the project's CMS are now links that open the CMS in a new tab.

Last build information always available in Deploy area

In Deploy details table of Deploy area, the Last build always contains some information, displaying "No build available" when no other option applies.

Increased Real-Time Updater resources

It's been increased the CPU request to 40m and limit to 200m of the Real-Time Updater.

Missing service placeholder for MongoDB CRUD section

If the CRUD Service is not enabled as a core service in the project, the MongoDB CRUD section displays a placeholder to signal the need for the service configuration.


MessageId log for Mail Notification Service

The Mail Notification Service has been updated to v2.0.4. A debug log which provides a messageId for each email sent has been added.

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 3.9.1.