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Version: 7.9.x

Version 7.0.x Release Notes


February 10, 2021


The seventh version of Mia-Platform has now been released! Let's cut the chitchat and get down to business: scroll down to learn more about new features and improvements!

New features

Fast Data on Mia-Platform Console

You can now use Mia-Platform Console to configure Projections, Cast Functions and Single Views. Mia-Platform v7 enables the configuration and update of fast data projections without coding effort in the dedicated section of the Design Area. Checkout the official Fast Data documentation to know everything you need.

Fast Data screenshot

Payment Gateway Manager

A new plugin is available from the Mia-Platform Marketplace, the Payment Gateway Manager, you can find the documentation here.

Bug fix

API Portal GET with query params

Fixed a bug that was preventing the application of custom query params to GET routes on the Documentation Portal.

UI improvements

New button to access Mia-Platform documentation

Infobox pointing to Mia-Platform documentation have been replaced with a new icon. Click it to quickly access the details of the feature you are using on Mia-Platform documentation.

new infobox image

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 3.2.1.