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Version: 7.9.x

Mia-Platform v7.0

Mia-Platform v7.0 allows you to easily develop your projects and leverage Kubernetes to power them. Mia-Platform Console supports end-to-end development and takes care of whatever is needed to run your code. Thanks to the smooth integration with the best OSSs, the set-up and scaling of your projects will be fast and painless.

Keep on reading to know how far Mia-Platform has come and where it is going.

Fast Data configuration

Mia-Platform Fast Data allows you to create an event-based architecture to keep relevant data updated and accessible 24/7. With Mia-Platform Console v7.0 you can now configure data ingestion systems without coding effort. Create and manage systems of records, projections and cast functions from the dedicated User Interface in the Design section: click here for the documentation.

Mia-Platform PaaS

The Platform as a Service architecture lets you fully use Mia-Platform resources and offers you a powerful tool to manage the whole software release life-cycle: development, versioning, test, release, management, monitoring, documentation and update. Mia-Platform PaaS makes your IT Architecture easy to use, reliable, scalable and secure while keeping manageable costs.


Mia-Platform Marketplace is what you need to jumpstart the development of your microservice ecosystem. It gets constantly updated and enriched with new Plugins, Templates, Examples, and features that make it easier to create new microservices. At every release, you have to worry less about their set-up and you can focus only on your business code to speed-up the development of your projects.


Mia-Platform v7.0 offers multiple solutions to support Security and Compliance Operations management. Your systems will be equipped with different levels of security and permissions thanks to numerous microservices that interact with authentication providers such as Auth0 Client and Authentication Service. Moreover, to improve the security of your applications, we have designed the new Client Credentials service which enables permissions and authorizations management for your clients with different security levels.