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Version: 7.9.x

Version 7.9.4 Release Notes

September 16, 2021

Bug Fix

Runtime environment mismatch in Deploy area

When visiting the Deploy area, a mismatch between the environment shown in the launcher and the one that is going to be deployed could happen. Now, the environment that is going to be deployed will always match the one shown in the launcher.

Deploy error when enabling feature crossProjectProxyExternalService

Enabling the feature crossProjectProxyExternalService, by setting it to true in the CMS of any project, caused an error during the project deploy if in that project is present a cross-project type proxy. The lack of the port for the cross-project proxy caused the deploy failure. Now, if the proxy port is not specified, the default port 80 will be set avoiding deploy failures.

Docker image name autosuggestion in applications' creation forms

During the configuration of an application, into the resources' creation forms the docker image name is autosuggested.

The repo git names are kept moving through the steps of an application

Moving through the application creation steps, the set repo git name is kept, instead of being reset to default.

Breaking Changes

ImagePullSecrets rework

imagePullSecrets default values have changed. If the environment variable is not set, the Console no longer uses nexus-gcloud, instead the default is an empty array. Core services no longer have their imagePullSecret hard-coded based on the orchestrator type, but depend on the value of the environment variable. Custom services get their imagePullSecrets both from the environment variables and the dockerImagePullSecrets field in their configuration.

The environment variable has been renamed from CUSTOM_PLUGIN_IMAGE_PULL_SECRET to IMAGE_PULL_SECRET. If you have an on-premise Console installation, make sure to update your helm chart.


New drawer for creating the fields of a collection

In the "MongoDB CRUD", "Single View" and "Projection" sections the creation of new fields takes place via drawer.

Edit of the fields in the "Projections" section via drawer

Has been added the possibility to modify the individual properties of the fields table in the "Projections" section.

Card Redesign

A new layout for grouping content inside the app has been implemented: now cards has a clean and modern look.


JWT token Validator plugin

The JWT Token Validator plugin is now available in the Marketplace.

CRUD Service updated

The CRUD Service has been updated to version v4.3.0!

A new query parameter _rawp has been added to let the user apply a raw MongoDB projections as JSON. An example is the following: ?_rawp={"someField":1,"someOtherField":1}.

This includes projections with fields set to 0 (e.g. _rawp={"excludedField":0}) or projections using some mongo operators (e.g. _rawp={"filterResult":{$filter:{...}}}).

The list of currently supported MongoDB operators is the following:

  • $filter
  • $in
  • $reduce
  • $concatArrays
  • $cond

The use of aggregation operators inside a projection is supported only on MongoDB v4.4+.

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 5.0.5.

Breaking Change

ImagePullSecrets are no longer provided by default from the console, instead, they are dependant on the configuration specified in the helm chart. When upgrading, make sure you correctly set the servicesImagePullSecrets parameter to the pullSecrets used in your console installation. Its default value is ["nexus-gcloud"].

The environment variable has been renamed from CUSTOM_PLUGIN_IMAGE_PULL_SECRET to IMAGE_PULL_SECRET.