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Version: 7.9.x


Dev portal is the interface between a set of APIs, SDKs, or other interactive digital tools, and their various stakeholders: it can be used to understand, interact, adopt, monitor, and govern new technologies.

The portal can play several roles to achieve the business goals of an organization.

The keys of a dev portal are:

API documentation

Documentation is a fundamental part of a developer portal: you can judge its quality by the quality of the documentation, because developers examine documentation and decide if they can understand the service.


Developer portals also provide support and specification for the products: you can deeply describe in this section aspects that are too complex for the API documentation, to allow developers to solve their problems independently.

Development Speed

Have all the documentation in one place allows you to find everything quickly, thanks also to sample code, snippets and detailed instructions.

The Mia way

Mia built the dev portal using micro-lc: its open source product to easily deploy web application using the micro-frontends technology.

Dev portal encloses in a single-page application, the following tools:

  • Docusaurus: used to create documentation section;
  • RapiDoc: used to display the OpenAPI/Swagger-generated API reference documentation.

For more details about the configurations of the Dev Portal, or to understand how to configure these tools individually, refer to the following pages.