Version: 6.5.x

API Gateway


To know how to apply the advanced configurations to the API Gateway check out the related section

The API Gateway is the microservice responsible for:

  • routing requests to the correct service inside Kubernetes;
  • verify the need of authentication and orchestrate the conversation with Auth service.

Its main features are:

  • URL Mapping
  • Rate Limit with Burst
  • Http Secure Headers
  • Request Dispaching
  • API Key Management
  • Http Utilities
  • Proxy-Pass Plain
  • URL Rewriting
  • Microcache

The service is based on Nginx. All configurations are written by Console and stored on Git. Every time the Console deploy a new configuration Kubernetes apply it automaticcaly.

API Gateway

Edge Router#

Edge Router is part of the API Gateway module and protects the API Gateway guaranting:

  • SSL termination;
  • route dispatching.

Certificate Management#

The Edge Router manages the termination of the SSL certificates with auto-renew on Let's Encrypt.