Version: 5.10.x



This microservice offers the functionality of uploading and downloading files using third-party services.

The http interface of the microservice is independent of the specific storage service used, which is configured at startup. The uploaded files are also recorded in a collection managed by the CRUD.

S3, MongoDB and GoogleStorage are currently supported as storage services.


This service exposes two routes, one for the upload and one for the download, (these can be prefixed by passing the --prefix option at startup):

  • Upload: POST / with a multipart request containing the file to upload. The file will be stored on the configured backend, and the file's information will be stored on MongoDB. It returns a JSON response containing:

    • name: original file name

    • file: unique name of the file that should be used to retrieve it using this service

    • size: size in bytes of the uploaded file

    • location: the URL that can be used to download the file using the same service that performed the upload

      Example of file upload

      curl -F "image=@/path/to/image" "http://localhost:8080/"

      During the upload, you can specify other properties that will be ignored. If you like, using the environment variable ADDITIONAL_FUNCTION_CASTER_FILE_PATH. you can specify a caster function to add other properties to CRUD.

  • Download: GET /download/:file to download the files that were previously uploaded. Add the download=1 query parameter to download the file as an attachment.

  • Delete: DELETE /:file to delete a file that was previously uploaded