Version: 5.10.x

Platform v5.6

v5.6.1 (May 5,2020)#


Error in cmsmenu
If you have configured 'cmsmenu' CRUD, the menu items will not be shown in CMS unless you manually add 'groups' property. The bug will be fixed in v5.7.0.

New Features#

  • Design - CRUD In the CRUD section, you can add and edit a property of an index by selecting it from a list of available properties.


  • CMS & Analytics In the CMS section, now it is possible to filter by groups, not only the pages attached to a CRUD, but also the micro frontends inserted in the Console.

  • Design - Microservice In Microservice Configuration section, you can now manage Log Parser: you can select which tool will be used by the platform to parse your microservice logs.


  • Create Project At the end of project creation, an animation will celebrate its success!


  • Alignment of Mia Platform logo position and restyling of the collapsed and expanded Launcher menu on the Console.


  • Design - Proxies Reinstatement of the 'delete' button in the detail of each Proxy in order to allow you to delete proxies from DevOps Console.



By deleting a Proxy, you are also deleting the associated Endpoints, but not the generated configuration: you will have to manually delete it.

  • Projects Filters applied to the projects in the Home section of DevOps Console are cleaned when, after having selected a project, you go back to the Home section. In this way, it is clear that you have not lost some projects that are not included in the filter.

  • If the creation of a tag is not successful, the error presented is complete and not cut: you will be able to understand the issue.

How to update your DevOps Console#

In case of on-premise Console, to use the previous features, you have to update:

  • Console website @1.18.0

  • Console backend @1.18.1

  • Infrastructure website @1.2.2

v5.6.0 (April 27,2020)#

Project Creation#

This new feature enables you to create a new project, which lifecycle can be completely managed through the different areas of DevOps Console.

With the button 'create project' in the Home section of DevOps Console, you can now create your project in a few clicks and in a short amount of time!



To create a project, you need to have already set up your DevOps Console and have the following prerequisites configured:

  • Tenant
  • Template

You can find more details about project creation at this link of Mia Platform Docs.