Version: 5.10.x


Mia‑Platform provides the first end‑to‑end Digital Integration Hub on the market with a full DevOps Lifecycle Management: one unique Console to run Fast Data, Microservices and APIs.

Here's an overview of Mia-Platform suite:


DevOps Console#

Manage your Kubernetes clusters, define environments, set up test automation, design and run your CI/CD pipelines controlling your preferred tools from one unique Console.

Microservices Ecosystem#

A set of ready to use microservices to speed up your applications’ development.

Fast Data Real-time Single view#

Aggregate and map your data to create real-time Single Views.

API Management & Headless CMS#

State-of-the-art solution for API Full Lifecycle Management.

More Resources#

If you want to know more about Mia-Platform, please visit our Release Note and our Blog.