Version: 5.10.x

Fast Data Overview

Welcome to the Fast Data overview page!

Keep all your Data organized and available in real time, 24/7

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Collect data from any existing system and organize it according to your business needs. Build a single point of truth to keep your data flow consistent and updated in real time 24/7. Leverage Fast Data to build IoT solutions, business Single Views, transactional applications and much more.

Single View Creator#

Easily query and aggregate data from different sources to create your omnichannel Single View, according to your business needs. Apply mapping logics to your data sets and validate them with a JSON Schema.

Diff Pusher#

Enable consistency by comparing database content with your Single Views, merging and saving it into the DB.


Let Data flow from Kafka’s topics to your collections, ready to be processed, aggregated and imported to your platform.

Real-Time Updater#

Automatically update the collections on your Fast Data DB any time there is a change in data.

Fast Data Manager#

Configure your Single Views from a simple and intuitive interface.