Version: 5.10.x

How to update the CMS

Here you will find all the steps to update the CMS.

1. How to understand your version of the CMS#

To understand the current version of your CMS, open the CMS page. Scroll down the left side menu to the end: at the end of all the collections, you will find the wording "My API CMS vxxxx" with an indication of the version (eg v.7.0.10) . At this link you will find a list of the released versions of the CMS and the respective supported features.

2. How to update the CMS version#

To update the CMS version the steps are two:

First step#

Change the CMS configuration. The path to access the configuration file on git is:

>projectname/Webapp/custom CMS/.gitlab-ci.yml

In the "variables" section you can find "CMS_VERSION", which must be updated with the latest available or desired version of the CMS. At this point, the CMS in test is saved and displayed.

Second step#

Proceed with the configuration for Gitlab CI . To do this the path on git is:


In the file you can find the configuration of all environments (development, preprod and cloud).

For each environments, in the "variables" section you can update the CMS version to the "CMS_IMAGE_NAME" field.


You should save and deploy the project from the API Console in each environments. Only after the deploy it will be possible to see the updated CMS version in each environments.