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Version: 10.9.x

Version 10.5.1 Release Notes

March 07, 2023


New Features

imagePullSecrets configured at Company and Project level

Custom imagePullSecrets can now be defined and configured for a specific Company and its related Projects: this means that also PaaS users can now configure custom private image registries both at Company and Project level. Each time a new Project is created, these image providers will be cloned from the Company in order to be available on the Project as well.

To discover more, take a look at the documentation page concerning the Default configuration for a new project.

New permissions to create, edit and delete a project

A new set of permissions has been added to the Super User, in order to better manage the whole lifecycle of a Project. The newly introduced permissions are:

  • console.root.project.create: allows the Super User to create any project
  • console.root.project.details.update: allows the Super User to edit any project
  • console.root.project.delete: allows the Super User to delete any project

If you want to find more info about Console levels and permission management, please visit the related documentation page.


Mount Path preserve configuration

Users who can add new elements to the Marketplace now have the possibility to configure the option "Preserve files and directories already existing in the Runtime Mount Path directory" already when creating the resource.

For more information, visit the documentation page to Add a new element to the Marketplace.

Response policy name in the Manual Routes table

Inside the Authorization section, now the "Manual Routes" table clearly shows the name of the Response policy. Furthermore, if a row filter on request has been set, it is now visible with a specific icon next to the Request policy name.

Backoffice Low Code Configuration exposes entrypoint for configuration


This feature is still in BETA, do not miss out the official documentation page for further information.

The Backoffice Configurator now exposes a new section "Webserver Configuration" from which the entrypoint (aka index.html file) can be configured.

Don't miss all the other Backoffice improvements in the dedicated section!

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • We fixed a bug that forced saving to another branch if you saved after performing the merge of configurations within the same branch
  • A bug introduced in the Console version 10.4.0 that prevented the correct visibility of the Debug section has been fixed
  • We have solved an issue with the git sshUrl regex by extending the support on its validation pattern

Fast Data

New Features

Bucket Storage Support (BSS)

We announce the release of the Bucket Storage Support New Feature! Do you need to manage data with different temperatures? You can now extend your Fast Data solution by adding the possibility to store raw data in a Bucket, re-ingest them in the system whenever needed and keep those data clean and organized. This solution requires 3 different plugins that can be found in Mia-Platform Marketplace. Check out the official documentation. Buckets supported: Google Cloud Buckets and S3-compatible Buckets.

Single View Trigger Generator


This feature is still in BETA, and it is under active development. Pay attention using this feature.

We announce the release of the new Single View Trigger Generator plugin. This plugin will replace the old Single View Trigger, which has been deprecated. This new plugin is a re-engineering of the old Single View Trigger and it will let you implement a full event-driven architecture for your Fast Data. Check out the official documentation.


Real Time Updater can opt-out on the usage of pos property

From version 7.4.0 the Real Time Updater has the option to use the timestamp of the kafka message instead of the property pos inside the kafka message's value as internal timestamp in golden-gate messages.

Bug Fix

Stabilized probes in the Real Time Updater

We've refactored the Real Time Updater's initialization step in version 7.4.0 to stabilize the k8 probes making them more reliable.

Infinite rebalancing fix on the Real Time Updater

Fixed bug in which the Real Time Updater kept entering a state of rebalance being unable to re-join the kafka consumer group.


Marketplace Updates

API Portal v1.16.5

With this version a bug causing the portal to fail due to a wrong documentation configuration of one or more APIs has been fixed.

Backoffice Application

Backoffice Application will now deploy only one pod (aside from the API Gateway) containing everything needed for a Backoffice instance.

Appointment Manager - v.2.1.2

Fixed a minor issue on the DELETE /appointments/:id endpoint, which was returning a 500 error when deleting a remote teleconsultation.

Care Kit - v.2.1.0

The web-component ck-export-form, which allow exporting forms, has been added. The property modalFooterVisible has been added to the am-calendar, allowing hiding the appointment modal footer. The field singleResource has been added to the resourceConfig property of the am-calendar, allowing the use of the calendar in appointment mode with only one resource.

Form Service BE - v.1.7.0

Added support for exporting forms in csv via a dedicated endpoint, GET /visualizer/forms/export. See the documentation for more details about the new feature.

Form Service FE - v.1.7.0

A closed form now does not trigger the autosave.

Backoffice - 1.3.5

New Features

New component bk-dropdown

New component bk-dropdown is available.

bk-form-modal with extraEndpoint injects triggeredBy

bk-form-modal with extraEndpoint property injects a triggeredBy key equal to bk-form-modal-extra-endpoint into success/error events.

bk-simple-list supports height property

bk-simple-list supports height property, controlling max-height of the list body.

New Handlebars helper nFormat

New Handlebars helper nFormat allows to format fields of type number and format currency, specifying number of decimal places, decimal separator, group separator.

New component bk-notification-center

New component bk-notification-center is available.

Persisten filters are available

bk-filters-manager component allows persistent filters, which are registered into localeStorage and automatically applied.

Bug Fix

Editor does not use custom tags

Output of fields with format editor do not use custom quill classes in form components. Refer to this issue for further details.

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 8.3.7.