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Version: 10.9.x

Version 10.4.0 Release Notes

February 2, 2023


New Features

View all Kubernetes resources in the Runtime area

The Runtime area now features all Kubernetes resources managed in Console: thus, inside this area, you can now see information for all running Deployments, Services, CronJobs and Jobs.


Check out the Runtime area documentation to know more!

Information tooltips in the Design sidebar menu

In the Design area, you can now display an information tooltip when hovering over the name of a specific section in the sidebar menu.

Mia-Platform Information Tooltip

Security improvements

Security issue on Dashboard Area

A security issue that allowed malicious scripts to be inserted into the Dashboard Area has been corrected.


Full-screen mode improvement

Editor full-screen mode is now limited in the tab context, allowing you to navigate your browser tabs without the need to exit the full-screen mode itself!

Update of the Deployment experience

The overall deployment experience in Console has been updated. It is now also possible to access the Runtime Area once the deployment process has been completed, simply by clicking on a button in the deployment modal.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • A bug affecting ConfigMap editors with many lines has been fixed
  • Project Template management from CMS has now been limited only to Company Owners and to Super Administrators through the addition of specific permissions

Fast Data

New Features

Single View Creator 5.6.5 support for MongoDB v6

Added support for MongoDB v6 in the Single View creator version 5.6.5.


Added prometheus metrics for the SV-patch operation in Single View Creator 5.6.4

Single View Creator 5.6.4 now provides metrics for the SV-patch operation having added a prometheus label called resolutionMethod which can be PATCH or AGGREGATION.

Replace strategy in Single View Creator 5.6.5 now adds a createdAt field

From version 5.6.5 the Single View Creator having the UPSERT_STRATEGY environment variable set to replace adds a createdAt field in the Single View whenever a Single View is inserted or replaced.

Bug Fix

Single View Creator 5.6.5 fixes SV-patch primary key date field

The Single View Creator in PATCH operation didn't handle dates as primary keys correctly which resulted in no Single View updated. Now, from version 5.6.5 of the service, any kind of primary key field type it is properly handled.

Single View Creator 5.6.5 retries the message processing instead of skipping

From version 5.6.5 the Single View Creator retries the message processing when an unexpected error is thrown instead of skipping the message.

Backoffice - 1.3.3

Bug Fix

bk-export component emits success / error events

bk-export component emits success / error events. If component property nativeDownload is set to false, events are emitted when the export is concluded or fails; or whenever the download request is sent otherwise.

Automatic name in filters format dates

date / date-time / time fields are formatted in automatically computed filter names according to dateOptions.displayFormat in data-schema.

Table columns fit content

Columns width in bk-table component is improved to better fit their content and title.

Fields of format "editor" can be edited correctly

Form components allows to edit fields of type string and format editor.

Automatic name in filters resolve lookups

Lookup values are correctly resolved in automatically computed filter names

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 8.2.21.