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Version: 10.9.x


What is Mia-Platform?

Mia-Platform is a cloud-native platform builder that allows you to build and manage your digital platform. It is a set of tools that help you to build, manage and orchestrate your microservices, to govern your APIs, to manage your data, to manage your DevOps, to govern your platform, and to manage your platform lifecycle.

Our products are built by developers for developers: our main purpose is streamlining the development cycle of microservices on Kubernetes environments.

In a single place Mia-Platform enables you to:

  • Create modular and reusable microservices with a couple of clicks starting from templates or importing them from a artifact registry;
  • Manage variables and configurations abstracting the complexity of your microservices by taking advantage of low-code and no-code features;
  • Deploy your microservices in a few clicks on multiple cloud providers (multi cloud) and on-premise environments and monitor them;
  • Manage the data lifecycle by projecting it from multiple system of records (SoR) and creating single view to reduce access latency and increase the data availability;
  • Create and evolve an entire backoffice application in a few clicks using the low-code features to read and write your data.


Mia-Platform simplifies the complexity of the cloud, so that you can focus on building your business products instead of wasting time setting up the platform. All the tools you need are gathered together: from the infrastructure, to the microservice orchestration, to managing the software lifecycle.

Mia-Platform tools are built on top of Kubernetes, so that you can use them to build your own platform from scratch or to extend your existing one, our goal is to simplify the work of your Dev and Ops teams and to speed up your development cycle increasing the Developer Experience.


What Mia-Platform provides you with

Mia-Platform provides you with two main tools to govern complexity and speed up your development teams increasing the Developer Experience:

  • Mia-Platform Console: a powerful Internal Developer Portal (IDP) to govern your projects in one place and to industrialize DevOps;
  • The Marketplace: a catalog of ready-to-use components to speed up development and to promote reuse and enable the composable enterprise.

Find out more about Mia-Platform Console, Mia-Platform Marketplace and Mia-Platform Fast Data.

You can adopt Mia-Platform either in a Self-Hosted infrastructure or as PaaS. In the first case Mia-Platform will be integrated in your existing infrastructure while in the second case you will be freed from installing in-house hardware and software and leverage the advantages of the Cloud.

More Resources

If you want to know more about Mia-Platform, please visit our Release Note and our Blog.