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Version: 10.9.x

Monitor your Jobs

In Kubernetes, a Job is the resource that creates one or more Pods and will continue to retry execution of the Pods until a specified number of them successfully terminate.

On this section you can monitor all your Jobs and the relative properties.

Jobs Table

The table presented here shows the following information:

  • Name: the name of the Job.
  • Finished Pods: the number of succeeded Pods out of all the Pods that have been created. For more info check the kubernetes documentation.
  • Duration: the time when the Job was completed.
  • Age: the date when the Job was lastly deployed.


Inspecting a Job

Selecting the Job name you can inspect more detail about that Job.

Job Describe

In the Describe view you can find information about the selected Job in JSON format. These details are the ones exposed by the Kubernetes APIs.