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How to configure deploy

The Developers Console can also trigger a deploy using a custom Webhook (for example if you use an external CI server such as Jenkins).

Configure a custom Webhook

In order to enable your project to deploy using a custom Webhook you should edit your environments configuration of the project on mongo with additional Webhook details.
Environments should have an object deploy with the following informations:

In projects collection, choose your project document. deploy object must be inside your environment configuration (i.e.: project.environments[0].deploy).
Sample deploy JSON:

  "deploy": {
    "type": "webhook",
    "url": "",
    "statusUrl": "[result,queueId]",
    "pipelineIdPathTemplate": "/jenkins/queue/item/:pipelineId/",
    "paramsMap" : {
        "revision" : "TAG",
        "environment" : "ENVIRONMENT"