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Version: 13.x (Current)


The configuration steps will let you create the Bucket Storage Support microservices to load and reload data from your bucket:

Also, the following microservices are added:

  • API Gateway: to expose ingestion reloader endpoints
  • _CRUD Service: to manage a collection for re-ingestion requests.

In addition to that, the following resources are created:

  • status-service: a CRUD collection used by the Ingestion Reloader to keep track of the requests to perform re-ingestion of the data
  • API Gateway endpoints to:
    • expose with the CRUD Service the aforementioned collection;
    • expose the endpoints of the Ingestion Reloader.
  • public variables such as:
    • BUCKET_NAME: the name of the bucket that will be used by Bucket Storage Support applications;
    • INGESTION_RELOADER_CLIENT_ID: the Kafka client id used by the Ingestion Reloader;
    • INGESTION_STORER_CLIENT_ID: the Kafka client id used by the Ingestion Storer;
    • KAFKA_STORER_GROUP_ID: the kafka consumer group id used by the Ingestion Storer to read messages from ingestion topics;
    • BSS_EVENTS_TOPIC: name of the topic that will be used by the Ingestion Storer to publish events related to files written into the bucket.

Connection Set-Up

After the application has been created, you still need to configure manually both bucket and kafka connections. You can refer to this sections: