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Version: 12.x (Current)


This application allows you to setup all the microservices and endpoints to enable front-end authorization with Auth0.

Authorization Service

The authorization-service is added (if it does not already exist) in order to manage the authorization flow. It is created with a standard configuration, with USERINFO_URL pointing to the auth0-client service.

API Gateway

The API Gateway is the microservice responsible for:

  • routing requests to the correct service inside Kubernetes;
  • verify the need of authentication and orchestrate the conversation with Auth service.

For further details you can refers to the dedicated documentation.

Oauth Login Site

This microservice will be responsible for the authentication part of the process, allowing the user to insert his/her credentials and proceed with the login process.


  • /web-login

Auth0 Client

The auth0-client is added (if it does not already exist) in order to handle authentication and user management using Auth0 as identity provider.


  • /authorize
  • /oauth/token
  • /userinfo
  • /logout

Public Variables

  • AUTH0_NAMESPACE: name of the namespace of Auth0 tenant,
  • AUTH0_CALLBACK_URL: a URL to which Auth0 redirects the user at the end of the authentication process. Its value should be https://{{HOST}}/web-login/callback.