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Version: 13.x (Current)

Salesforce StreamingAPI Connector Service

The Salesforce Connector Service provides a way to import data from StreamingAPI directly into your FastData projections. It's completely configurable via environment variables and yaml configuration files. It provides checkpoint management and error management using a DLQ and an external service, the Salesforce Connector DLQ Service.

The service supports various features, such as:

  • support for different kinds of topics: PushTopic, ChangeDataCapture and Custom
  • configurable replay policy in case a checkpoint is invalid or not found
  • multiple connections to different topics
  • custom field names mapping to convert Salesforce objects into your projection format
  • health checks that monitor Kafka connection and disconnected topics
  • Grafana dashboards

:::note The service uses api 53.0 to connect to StreamingAPI.:::