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Version: 13.x (Current)


The CSV Fast Data Connector application enables fetching data from CSV files and delivering it with validation to the Fast Data. By describing CSV file specifications in a ConfigMap using a JSON schema, it provides validation of input data and custom mapping to projections. The application uses Files Service's multi-bucket functionality to manage CSV files and maintain a clean environment. It is essential to have the Files Service in the cluster and provide it with a multi-bucket configuration. The Files Service requires the CRUD Service to maintain metadata in Mongo collections about the CSV files being managed.


It is recommended to check the documentation page for the CSV Connector Plugin for detailed information on how to use the component.


Note that this application comes with no default ConfigMap for the CSV Connector, so one should be added manually. For detailed information on how to write a proper ConfigMap, please refer to the CSV Connector Plugin documentation page.


The application consists of the following three microservices:

  • CRUD Service;
  • Files Service: manages the CSV files and provides the functionality to store them in multiple buckets, ensuring a clean environment.
  • CSV Connector Plugin: the core service that fetches data from CSV files and delivers it with validation to the Fast Data, using the JSON schema to map the columns to projections.